Do you have fungus growing in your crawlspace?  

Depicted above is growth of fungus as a result of high moisture in crawl space. This is obviously bad for the health of you, your family, and your home but East Coast Crawl Space Solutions specializes in fungus removal, borate wood treatment, and disinfection services.

Services we offer:

mechanical fungus removal

borate wood member treatment

botanical disinfectant fogging treatment

Mold in your crawl space can develop from moisture, high humidity and water leaking in to create conditions conducive for mold growth. This hazardous allergen will create aesthetic problems. Removing mold with an anti-microbial treatment from your home is critical for you and your family's health.

East Coast Crawl Space Solutions has developed an innovative solution to properly treat the mold that has grown in your crawl space. This also includes air borne spores, bacteria and disinfecting the crawl space envelope.

If you are concerned about mold, contact your local East Coast Crawl Space Solutions today for a free estimate!